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March 2016 .... WOW!!  Year fourteen and still growing.  We are thrilled with our reviews on Trip Advisor and absolutely love the blogs.   We want to thank each and every one of you for choosing our cabins. The number of returning customers and referrals increases more each year.  We are especially excited and appreciative about that fact.  We received another Trip Advisor Excellence award for 2015.  (We have the best guests ever........) We are so glad you share our love for the Rim Rock hiking area, Garden of the Gods and the Shawnee Forest.  Many of you have written wonderful and heart warming testimonials in our cabin journals and we want to share some of those here on our website.   We were so appreciative of the State of Illinois Tourism filming the area and two of our cabins to be used in national and international 2015 tourism marketing campaigns to encourage visits to the state and to the area.  Thank you for your referrals and come back and see us..




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We are going to take the advice of our guests and post some of the wonderful comments and reviews we have received.  While we are very pleased with all of the comments we have received, we are especially proud of the following review written in our journal by Julian Crews, a travel reporter from WGN-TV Chicago Cruisin' Illinois.  June, 2009  "What a beautiful piece of earth!  We've enjoyed our stay here at Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabins.  As a travel reporter for WGN-TV News I can tell you that there's no more beautiful place to stay and enjoy the beauty of Southern Illinois.  Rim Rock gets my vote as one of the top 10 places to stay in the entire state of Illinois. (and I think it probably ranks up near the top of the list!) "      Julian Crews WGN  Cruisin' Il

March, 2016  Can't say enough about your cabin.  It was just beautiful, had such a relaxing time and enjoyed every minute of it.  You have a beautiful place down here, so nice and clean and well kept.  I love the way your theme is and everything in the cabin to march it...your pictures and wall plaques are just beautiful.  I am sure we will be back down.  This is a real nice getaway and not too far from home.  Little Bear loved it too.  John, Maria and Little Bear

January, 2016  Such attention to detal!  Such a ozy cabin!  Such cordiality!  Tops the 5-star hotels.  You've got tenacity!  But, goodness...does it get cold and slippery here in January!!  Thanks again, Bob, for rescuing our van from the slippery slope.  I loved the perimeter trail and took it a few times around.  This is a wonderful, peaceful place.  Gerald & Kathleen 

November, 2015  This was our 5th time being here for Thanksgiving and as usual, it was wonderful.  We enjoyed our family time together playing games and doing crafts together.  Despite the constant rain, we dodged some rain drops and went for some short hikes.  The girls were thrilled to see all of your animals again.  Thank you for your wonderful cabins and hospitality.  The Andersons

July, 2015  Staying at the Coyote Hollow cabin was perfect for our family!!  Weather was hot and humid, but we cooled off at Pounds Hollow Lake.  This is our first time visiting the area.  Shawnee National Forest was a perfect getaway for us gals from the west suburbs of Chicago.  Garden of the Gods was breathtaking; watched the sunset while sitting on top a bluff.  Enjoyed all the animals on your property.  Even had a toad visit us on the front porch every night!!  We went horseback riding and took a cayak tour on the Cache River (our dog even went with)  We had a wonderful time.  Thank you!! P.S.  The cabin was very cute and cozy.  Very clean and appreciated all the amenities.  Ilene, Kim, Kayla and Hunter

September, 2014  Our stay was absolutely perfect!  The cabin was one one of the nicest we've stayed in ever.  Your entire property is clean and inviting.  Dogs loved it as well.  Beautiful trail.  Thank you for your hospitality.  We especially enjoyed the guineas, donkey and goats.  We vote best cabins in Southern Illinois  Mark, Gina, Gus & Annabelle

July 2014  We love your little cabin.  We had a wonderful time.  Loved the decor.  The grounds are lovely and well cared for.  Wish you all the best.  Carla, Christian, Cathy & Brenda

June 2014 Thank you so much for providing a wonderful retreat for our family to enjoy.  Splitting up the family a little gave us space and yet group time to enjoy all your cabins have to offer!  We were here last year and plan on returning soon.  Thank you  The McPherson Family

May 2014  Thank you for letting us be your guest.  I have not been to a more peaceful spot since Colorado.  Everything was great. Sue

April 2014  Had a super stay!  Hiked Rim Rock 3 times (once in the light rain) and Garden of the Gods, Indian Point Trail, River to River (short way)  but saw hundreds of may apple flowers.  On Garden of the Gods - super rocks, at Indian Creek - all, at Rim Rock, white trillium, red trillium, hairy buttercup, shooting stars!  Last of redbuds, loads of dogwoods - here esp.  Beautiful cabins - have everything we need.  Thanks!  Sandy and Dave  P.S.  Jack in the Pulpits too!

April 2014  We cannot say how beautiful and peaceful the cabin was.  What a wonderful way to spend our 21st anniversary.  We were so happy that we could bring our puppies too.  Rylee loves Pounds Lake and we will be back!  Mike and Jennie

March 2014  Your cabins are fantastic.  Well stocked wi all the things we needed.  Location is fantastic.  Also close to all the sites and trails.  Gary B

Mar 2014  Wow! What a beautiful facility.  Very clean, comfortable and relaxing.  Great location for hiking and sight seeing.  Love all the animals that wander around.  I will recommend to friends and hope to be back soon.  Don W

October 2012  Thank you for the wonderful stay.  The cabin was spotless and you thought of everything.  The fall here was just breathtaking.  I couldn't get enough of those colorful trees.  Your farm is just beautiful too!  Tonight is our last night and I don't want to go home.  We are going to have a bad storm tonight too.  We have never walked so much in our lives, but the trails and sites were awesome.  My other favorite thing to do was sit on the enclosed porch and read.  It was so wonderful out there that I didn't want to come in and go to bed.  I could have spent the whole night out there.  Also, you put a lot of work in the book of things to do.  Thank you, it was great.  We are going to miss this place and hope to be back real soon.  Ron & Joy   P.S.  The storm was a whopper, but I enjoyed the porch during the storm  Linda's cobbler was awesome.

October 2012  Cabin was very nice and we had a wonderful time at Rim Rock Trail.  It was beautiful.  It was great that this place is centrally located to so many attractions.  Jim, Linda, Allan and Wendy

September 2012  What a fabulous time we had during our stay here.  You made us feel right at home and for that we are so grateful.  You sure do have a little piece of heaven right at your fingertips...we did our best to take advantage and enjoy as much as we could.  Thank you for all of your great suggestions as we were not disappointed with our adventures:  Garden of the Gods (beautiful sunset), Rim Rock (fantastic hike), Pounds Hollow Lake (great fishing), Cave in Rock (what a view) and Amish Country (yummy treats).  And not to be underestimated is the scenic hiking trail right here at our front door.  Oh, and Double M's good was delicious)  As first time visitors are expectations have been exceeded and we CANNOT wait to get back...SOON!  It was a wonderful trip and a perfect birthday getaway.  Many thanks to Linda for the yummy birthday treats too!  Good thing we did a lot of hiking.  Again, much thanks to you both for all that you do and for sharing your treasure with us all.  Johnny, Anna, and Barkeley   Attaway, Il

August 2012  Thank you for everything!  This paradisiacal place is just perfect, and we have high hopes of returning in the future - perhaps an annual family outing is in order.  The grounds and lodging are just beautiful.  The soft of peace that attends us here is delicious.  Some of us just arrived from big international cities and this place has served as a very welcome soul-soother.  Thank you also much for your warmth and hospitality.  Your kindness has really helped us feel as though we are right at home here.  Jack, Lily, Ophelia, Kevin  Napierville, Il

June 2012 This was our first trip to the SNF and it won't be our last!  Despite the extremely hot weather, we had a terrific time exploring towns, swimming at Pounds Hollow, fishing at Glen O Jones, rummaging through antique stores, hiking numerous trails and eating delicious food at several of the restaurants you recommended in "the book".  "The book" was our guide for the week - we took it in the car on every trip, which helped us find so many wonderful sites in the area.  Thanks for all the work you did on "the book"  We truly appreciated having it all week long!  Our favorite part of the cabin is the porch - yes, even in this hot weather.  We loved the feeling of being in the woods, by ourselves - something that is hard for city people to experience.  Thank you for your hospitality!  Mary and Fred  Chicago

February 2012  Thank you, Bob and Dixie for a very peaceful and beautiful experience.  I, too, was looking for a pet friendly cabin.  Your website and video totally impressed me in it's very professional, yet down-to-earth presentation.  Your prices are good, the cabin delightful and, your sanctuary here is so peaceful and delightful.  I so enjoyed all your animals.. how sweet they are.  I took photos of most of them.  The cabin's layout is great.  Whoever built this cabin is quite the master crafts person(s).  This area is heavenly  -  especially Garden of the Gods - aptly named.  Peace,  Betty and Sugar Bear - my 6 lb Pomeranian, Madison, Wi

February 2012 (I put this one in just for Bob.  You'll see why dd)  We were looking for a pet friendly cabin on the internet and found this place.  Everything about Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabins impressed me.  The first thing was the web site.  Bob and Dixie just looked like good people.  The web site was very well done and informative...then when we arrived the layout and cabins are so nice.  Plenty of elbow room between cabins and the cabins are beautiful.  Much thought has also went into everything they furnish you within the cabins.  We did not want for anything except popcorn (LOL)  Marlis and Linda met Bob and Dixie and came back to the cabin with nothing but praise for them.  Now I could tell by the video on the internet that Bob was a sharp looking guy, but Marlis came back to the cabin saying he looked like Clint Eastwood and Linda said he looked like Robert Redford.  Go figure!  We enjoyed our stay here very much and went on some good hiking trails.  I hope everyone who stays here with their dog is very considerate and cleans up after themselves.  It is a privilege to be able to bring our dogs here, not a right.  Thank you, Bop and Dixie   (See you in May)  Ron and Marlis Boonville, Indiana

February 2012  We loved our stay at Eagle's Retreat.  What a treasure, right here in Il!  We enjoyed and were in awe of the natural beauty all around.  We especially loved Garden of the Gods.  I felt our cabin, Eagle's Retreat, was an amazing place to stay and so much more.  Dixie's knowledge and shared information of the area was like having our own personal tour guide.  We would have missed out on so much if we had not had the information provided.  We were also so blessed to be able to take our family pets with us.  This was a first for us, and our dogs loved it!!!  We will definitely be coming back.  Our only complaint was that we couldn't stay longer!  Blue Mound, Illinois.

February 2012  After two days of hiking, we feel awe-inspired toward God for the beautiful landscape, such as Garden of the Gods and Rim Rock, etc.  Hard to believe that "flat" Illinois has such gorgeous scenery.  The cabins are in a great location with very generous owners filled with lots of hospitality!  Thanx so much!   Johnny, Phillip and Nick  Arthur, Il

December, 2011  All we want to say is thank you!  What a peaceful time we have had.  Kids loved the hiking, playing games and just time together.  We are excited about our next visit with you.  David, Janie, Anna, A.J.  Harrisburg

August 2011  Beyond the overwhelming beauty of this place, we appreciated all the thoughtful gestures and amenities ...too many to mention.  The swings, the birdfeeders, the plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  The little lamp and fan in the loft...these all enhanced our stay so much.  Thank you - we'll be back.  Debra, Kirkwood, Mo

August 2011  You have made a home in the country for all of us - we are grateful for your hospitality and the creativity you share.  The sitting gardens, the beautiful begonias on the stoop, the cougar photos and the trail through the woods - all convey your love for the natural world and the guests.  We will come again.  Sandy, University City, Mo

August 2011  Rim Rock Dogwood Cabins offered our family a getaway from our overly busy summer and time to reconnect before school starts.  Bear's Den offered a great location that was central to so many attractions in the Shawnee National Forest. Garden of Gods was a great climbing hike for our boys and offered an amazing view of the hills.  Pounds Hollow was a great lake to swim in!  It was clean, the sand fine and not very busy.  This cabin is so clean.  The air conditioner helped with the warmth and the hike around the property was wonderful.  We would recommend it to anyone.  The Peterson's, Bloomington, Il

May 2011  Wonderful time with family in Eagle's Retreat.  Loved 1.6 mile hike around property.  Really burns calories and what a workout with the live nature channel!  Love the property with the animals.  Loved walking with Bob and Dixie's dogs.  Beautiful flowers everywhere.  The cabin was perfect for coming and going of different family members.  Plenty of room for family gatherings.  Wished we had more time here.  Amish country is a great place to shop!  If we did not get enough exercise it was our own fault... so many areas of hiking to go to.  "The Oklahoma Gang"  Darrell, Cindy, Zane, Brenna, Bonnie (our absentee dog Fred)

May 2011  This turned out to be the perfect place to get away and recharge our batteries!  We hiked Rim Rock to Pounds Hollow.  On another day we hiked Garden of the Gods....but the best part was right here at the cabin - sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee in the mornings ...enjoying nature's sounds.  A camp fire every evening..roasting hotdogs and toasting marshmellows - I haven't done that for many, many years.  What a wonderful, serene place you have here.  Hope to see you soon.  The Kusters

April, 2011  What a beautiful cabin and wonderful surroundings.  We so enjoy being out in nature.  The hiking was fabulous and even though I was a bit nervous because our Saturday morning sarted out with rain - thunder the day was absolutely GLORIOUS!!  Wish we could have stayed another night because there is so much to see and do here.  Thank you - we will be back again very soon.  Karen & Adrian

Mar, 2011  We love our cabin and enjoyed our stay.  Very relaxing and accessible to so many hiking trails.  It was WONDERFUL for Jessie (dog) and we appreciate the use of the cage.  Perfect.  We really had many wonderful, solo hikes...amazing more people weren't here.  Hope to be back soon.  Jean and Theresa

Jan 2011  We had a wonderful time this past weekend!  We absolute love the coziness of Bear's Den.  Our greyhound, Angelina, settled right in and made this her home away from home  We ejoyed the area trails and all of your animals.  We're pretty sure Angelina thought they were large greyhounds.  Thank you for creating a wonderful getaway.  Eric, Megan & Angelina

December 2010  I just wanted to let you know our family enjoyed our stay at Deer Run.  It was fabulous from the moment we walked onto the screened-in-porch.  I loved all the extra touches; the lights and the Christmas trees inside.  It was very private, comfortable and cozy.  The teenagers appreciated their own space in the loft!  Violet loved sledding in the snow.  It was perfect weather for winter fun.  We are already talking about our return trip, and although I loved December, we may come back in the spring or fall to be able to enjoy the warmer weather and longer hiking on the trails.  Thank you again for the hospitality!  James, Julie, Kiana, Darian and Violet

October 2010  I think Coyote Hollow is the best Rim Rock Dogwood Cabin of them all.  We loved the horses.  I liked the black ones the most.  I loved the dogs.  The view was great.  Me and Dad went on a really cool hike through the woods behind the cabin.  It was great.  I would give the cabins 5 stars in all.  It was perfect.  See you next year and thank you.  Darin 12 yrs, Megan 8 months

September 2010  Thank you so much.  We drove down from Albany and you happen to have a cabin on short notice.  We came for our 23rd anniversary.  This is a beautiful cabin.. homey.  The animals were great and your horses are beautiful.  It's quiet.  It's the nicest cabin we've ever stayed in.  Our little Skeeter loved it.  We drove down to see the Garden of the Gods...just breathtaking.  We ate supper at the Red Onion and cam back after dark.  The cabin was all lit up...this is a spectacular cabin.  Your hospitality was really appreciated and we saw two young deer crossing the road tonight and even got their pictures.  Love to come back.  Thank you  Loren & Roxy, Albany, Il

April, 2010 Thank you for another relaxing weekend!  This was our 7th stay, and each stay gets better and better!  We've come a long way since our first stay 7 years ago when we were engaged at Cougar Bluff cabin!. We will be back again -- next time with a new addition.  Our son is due July 16th and we can't wait to add him to our tradition of staying at your cabins.  I loved the massage therapist that came to the cabins for a prenatal massage...it was much needed.  Even though all of our cabin memories are at Cougar Bluff, we look forward to new memories here at Coyote Hollow which has a lot more room for the family.  Thanks again and we'll be back soon.  Chris & Jennifer

Mar, 2010  From the moment we arrived at Coyote Hollow we knew this would be an enjoyable experience.  The countryside here in Southern Illinois is beautiful and we couldn't have picked a better time to come.  The cabin was the foundation of the trip and it made a strong beginning.  Thank you.  April, Wisconsin

 June, 2009  "What a beautiful piece of earth!  We've enjoyed our stay here at Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabins.  As a travel reporter for WGN-TV News I can tell you that there's no more beautiful place to stay and enjoy the beauty of Southern Illinois.  Rim Rock gets my vote as one of the top 10 places to stay in the entire state of Illinois. (and I think it probably ranks up near the top of the list!) "      Julian Crews WGN  Cruisin' Il

08/06-11, 2009  We came for the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos...3rd year and we couldn't have been happier making Cougar Bluff our home for the days we spent in the area.  With all the craziness that is the Gathering it's a pleasure to come back to the cabin, to the quiet, and peacefulness.  Thank you so much for making all of us smile and feel content, and most of all at Home. With that we give you a huge WHOOP WHOOP (a true Juggalo compliment)  With much (clown) love, Krista, Michael P (Connecticut) Emily and Michael (N. Dakota)

08/03  Another relaxing, rejuvenating stay at Cougar's Bluff.  Thanks for all the special touches that make things so beautiful.  This is the one place in my life where I truly feel relaxed.  Patti Evansville, In

07/30 - 08/02  Thank you so much for a great "long" weekend.  This place was better than on-line.  The websites don't do it justice.  We will be back.  There was not enough time to see and do everything...We will never forget our honeymoon.  Make sure anyone that comes here READS THE BOOK.  She has covered everything and you will miss out.  My best words of advice...READ THE BOOK.  If you can think of something to do it's in the book.  We hope anyone that comes here will have relaxing days like we did.  Than you once again for a great experience.  Erin & Ryan Glasford, Il

07/18  This has been such a joyful trip for our family.  I was really surprised that my kids enjoyed the beauty and hiking as much as me and Dave.  They said this is "the best trip ever."  Jeanne, Dave, Rebecca, Hannah & Adam

06/21 - 23/2009   Coyote Hollow is just darling and so welcoming.  My sister and her family , my dad and brother's kids stayed in Eagle's Retreat so we were able to easily visit each other.  Not many places allow pets, and you two are wonderful for welcoming them as well...what would a vacation be without the ones you love, right?  From our family to yours  THANK YOU!!!  Everything was simply perfect, and we will definitely be back as long as you will have us....Thank you  Dave, Dawn, Sheela (the Speedbump Dog) and Dizzy (the Wonder Cat)  Aroma Park, Il

06/17-21/2009  We were here for a mini family reunion and had a great time.  The hike from Rim rock into Pounds Hollow Lake was a great hike with a good reward.  Water was great and no one else around.  Jackie, Bruce, Matt & Carrie

06/20 - 26/2009  Been to many different cabins in six different states and none have been as nice as this one.  We enjoyed it and will be back.  Cabins are kept very clean.  The Fenwicks, Illinois

06/19 & 20, 2009  Best place we have ever been "camping".  Beautiful property and the entire area.  Great facility.  We will be back.  Thank you   The cabin and area were amazing.  You guys really take care of this property!  We'll definitely be back.  Thank you very much.      The Carney's Mississippi & Illinois

03/25/2009  The Holmes Family Top Ten Reasons to visit Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabins

10.  View unusual "space chickens" (guineas) from another planet.

9.   Free evening serenade courtesy of the farm animals.

8.   Share your apple with a horse.

7.  S'mores around the campfire!  Need we say s'more?

6.  Try to make the fainting goats faint.

5.  Have a peacock perch on your porch.

4.  Explore the breathtaking scenery.

3.  Lunch at Ms. Lizzie's - have a pickle with your fish.

2.  Beautiful & comfortable accommodations!

1.  Fantastic hosts!

Thanks Dixie & Bob!

Thank you so much for this beautiful cabin and what an awesome farm!  Our family has stayed in cabins as far away as Alaska and this one ranks amoung the top!  Thanks for being pet friendly as well.  This was our fist get away with our new puppy, Hank and he loved it.  Thanks again.  Matt, Rhonda, Austin, Grace and Hank  03/23/2009

You guys rock! I heart Dogwood's Addie

This is by far the absolute best place we have ever stayed.  Thank you for making this such a special trip!  The L....  03/08/2009

Thank you so much for letting us stay at Eagle's Retreat.  When Andrew and I walked through the door my mouth dropped and I just said "wow".  I mean this is absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  ............Andrew, Julie, Kadence & Stone  02/08/2009

It's a new year - 2009.  What a great time we had - family get together...Introduced several new families to your great place.  Perfect weather!  Sitting by the fire in January!  Thanks a million  We'll be back.  1/01/2009

Thank you so much for the incredible cabins!  My new fiancé, Michael, surprised me by taking me here and proposing in the Garden of the Gods, and then the entire family (both his and mine) showed up here to celebrate!  It was such a wonderful surprise and a perfect way to start our lives together.  The cabins and the land surrounding them were just gorgeous, and we had a great time.....Rachel & Michael   11/16/08

We have so enjoyed our first time down to Rim Rock and the Shawnee National Forest!  Coyote Hollow has been our home away from home - you have thought of everything to make our stay pleasurable.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our campfires, meals on the porch and the beautiful surrounding property.  During our short stay we have gone fishing several times, horseback riding and hiking in many many scenic spots.  Our last minute getaway before school starts has been a total success and a wonderful family memory.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.  Brett, Tamra Alex, Matthew, Tyler, Justin 8/17/08

Well, our little summer vacation was a complete success!  We've loved this cabin in every way and the kids especially loved all your animals.  Thanks for all your work in providing such a lovely space.  Loved the porches, flowers, kitchen, beds, tv, etc.  All wonderful.  Ben and Susan  6/16/08

Absolutely perfect, cabins are spotless, have everything and are decorated to make one feel right at home.  The meal catered to the cabin by Linda was the best....very reasonable and tasted GREAT!  The area is so beautiful.  We'll be back.  Nancy and Ron  5/21/08

Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing vacation!  We had no idea how beautiful the Shawnee could be.  We loved our own little nook in this cozy comfortable cabin.  You thought of everything.  We'll be back...we'll spread the word!!  Pam and Lon  5/20/08

We are honored to be the first people to stay in the Coyote Hollow cabin!  It is just beautiful, just what I had imagined!  Total relaxation!  We will be sure to tell our family & friends about your little piece of paradise!  Elisabeth & Dave  5/17/08

I am fortunate in my career and travel Internationally - China, South Korea, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, etc.... I haven't been everyplace, but do travel very well - 4 & 5 star hotels all the time.  The condition and completeness of your cabins and your hospitality rival anything I have ever visited...and that includes major suites.  Thank you again for letting us pop in on such short notice.  Everyone we know will hear positive raves about this place!!!  John 5/05/2008

We absolutely love the cabin!!! It's beautiful.  I like the night sky...I don't think I've seen so many stars!  It's quiet here.  We enjoyed sitting around the fire pit.  The cabin was the best part of our vacation.  We will be recommending this place to everyone!  Dan & Jennifer 

Thank you for such a relaxing and wonderful three days!  The cabin is adorable.  We had so much fun seeing all of the wildlife around here.  We hope to see you again.  Jon, Kelly & Brooke  What a wonderful place you have!  My husband and I were looking for a memorial weekend getaway and this place was perfect!  The cabin is great, you truly thought of everything....and it is so clean!  We also enjoyed that the cabins are spaced out enough to feel private and secluded.  We had a great time relaxing, hiking and fishing.  Thanks for a wonderful trip.  We hope to come back real soon.  Sarah, Jon and Sawyer  5/28/07

Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 days.  The cabin is perfect (& spotless!).  We hiked a lot at Rim Rock and the Beaver Trail.  The satellite TV and DVD player worked great and the kitchen was very well stocked.  Can't wait to get back here again for a longer stay.  Thanks for your hospitality!  Derek, Sr., Meredith, Derek, Jr & Nikki  3/4/2007

Thank you so much for this wonderful place!!  The cabin is a true gem - all the comforts of home in a most beautiful setting.  Fran

This is our second stay at your cabins.  We were so impressed the first time that we brought friends along this time to enjoy the wonderful scenery and your great cabins.  Tom & Brandy

Christmas at Rim Rock was delightful.  Your thoughtful preparations and decor made it feel like being home for the holidays - cozy and welcoming.     Terry

We really enjoyed our stay.  Very quiet and peaceful made relaxing very easy.  We really enjoyed the "wildlife"...dogs, deer, peacocks.  The accommodations were fantastic, clean and so thoughtfully supplied.   Duane, Tracy, Ben, Beth, Meghan & Zocy

We loved this place!!  Beautiful Rim Rock and Pounds Hollow.  Hiked trails in dappled sunlight...just changing autumn leaves - the quiet was amazing.  Loved that the cabins were apart - close enough to you for comfort - but far enough for a feeling of solitude.  Can't say how much it meant to be able to bring our "children with fur coats - couldn't ask for a more dog friendly environment.  We'd recommend it unconditionally and are blessed because of the experience.  Margy, Janet, Boo & Jade

You’ve done a tremendous job with the cabins and amenities. Truly delightful.

There is only one word to describe your cabins – “Ahhhhhhh” This has been the perfect place to relax.

Thank you for the attention to detail. We felt right at home.

The place is incredible, so peaceful & serene.

Probably the best vacation we have ever had. This cabin is great, it is peaceful and we could not believe how equipped it was.

Thanks for great accommodations. You didn’t miss a thing in stocking the cabins. We had a perfect anniversary weekend.

The cabin atmosphere is so great we didn’t even go anywhere.

The cabins are sooo cute and spotless.

We are literally counting the days until we come back.

This place is great! All of the well thought out extras are wonderful.

A perfect place for us to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Loved the cabin and arbor.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us. Last night the sky was clear and the stars were amazing. We enjoyed the cabin and hiking on the trails. The cabin made us feel right at home.


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